Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The spine is a marvelously complex structure that is characterized by strength and mobility. Preventing  disease is always preferable to treating disease

Spinal Anatomy
The spine is composed of 24 freely movable bones called vertebrae.
These vertebrae protect the spinal cord and provide structure and support. A complex network of ligaments and muscles stabilize and move the spine.

Bend with your knees not with your back.

  Lift with your legs.
Hold the load close to your body
 Contract your stomach muscles as you lift.
Keep your back aligned and upright as you lift.

    Avoid twisting while lifting.
  Straddle the load to keep it close to your center of gravity.

Lifting:  Never bend at the waist to lift.

Pushing versus Pulling

Backpack straps should be worn on both shoulders.
Excessive weight bearing should be avoided in backpacks
Minimize All Overhead Lifting
Think before you lift
Use mechanical aids to lift or move heavy items
Balance Your Burdens

 to be continued........

Julius Abanshebe Akpong TMIOSH, MISPON, is a Member of the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria has published books like, Simplified Chemistry for Senior Secondary 1, The path to Greatness, Reaching the Apex, Atmospheric heavy metals deposition and dispersion in Akpabuyo LGA of Cross River State. He is the publisher of the SuperPsychic Achiever, several HSE articles and bulletins for corporate bodies, international journals and newspapers like Business Insight and is yet to publish his first HSE book; HAZID companion.


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