Monday, April 14, 2014

Bomb hits Abuja... Kills over 50 people

Suicide Bombers at it again. When will this bloodshed stop??

 As at the last count, sources at the scene of the bomb blast(s) that rocked Nyanya,  beside El-rufai bus stop, a densely populated town in Abuja, say over 100 persons have been sent to their early graves by suspected suicide bombers. The heartless suicide bombers struck while many Nigerians were scrambling for buses to go to their various destinations in the Abuja city centre.  According to an eye witness, an improvised explosive device in a luxury bus belonging to federal capital territory exploded making a huge sound which make people to run in all direction for safety.

WEIRD: Lose Weight with one touch

In a digital world, even weight can be shed in one touch – but only virtually, and in the form of a ‘selfie’. SkinneePix can trim 2-6kg of virtual fat for a slimmer look, but it has already raised concerns about health and body-image issues. The co-founder of the app describes how cameras usually add additional weight to photos, prompting people to complain that the photo isn’t an accurate representation of themselves. The creators of the controversial app also claim that is has motivated users to lose weight.

Monday, April 7, 2014

OFILI: The Day I Learned How To Dance

Secondary School is quite an amazing time in a person’s life, that’s where you get your first kiss, your first romantic dance and your first real girlfriend. Sadly none of that ever happened to me. I was quite awkward in school…especially on the dance floor.
I played video games a lot growing up from Street Fighter to Killer Instinct to Mortal Kombat, so it was not surprising that my idea of a really cool dance move was the Subzero (remember him from mortal kombat) fighting stance, which basically entailed me on the dance floor swinging side to side like a ninja and out of beat.

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