Friday, January 31, 2014

HEALTH & SAFETY: Tyres have expiry Dates

To start with, car tyres are very important to the life of a motorist because that is the only link between the vehicle and the road. It carries the load in the vehicle and to a large extent, can determine the safety of all occupants in a vehicle at any point in time.
Vehicle tyres have a 4-year validity period from their Date of Manufacture (DOM). Thereafter, the tyre expires and may burst whilst in use. If used carefully, after two years the tire loses about 20% of its qualities and by the age of three it reaches about 50%. An appropriate age for tire replacement is thus between the age of 2-4years, unless worn down earlier by damage, alignment problems or mileage. The process can also be intensified with high-mileage tires or when unused tires are stored in bad conditions, or when a car is parked permanently for a long time. Likewise, countries with shifty weather, bad roads and especially hot and moist lands all rush the process.
I know you might be saying right now, quit all the sermon, how do I find out whether my tire has expired?
·         First, check for a stamp like this: (*0504*). There is an asterisk at the
beginning and at the end of this serial number (Some tires don't have asterisk) or sometimes it comes with pre-alphabet letters like this (*PHN0504*) .
In all cases, the first two numbers of the last 4 digits, in this case  - 0  and 5  will tell which week of the year has it been manufactured. Note: One year has 52 weeks. The last two numbers represent the year of make. Therefore, (*0504*) shows that the said tyre is manufactured in the 5th week of the year 2004. *4099* this shows that the tire is made in the 40th week of 1999. So in this case, this tyre has over-expired...burn it! Any car, bike or truck tyre higher than 4years from current year is high risk.
·   Check all your tires for safety purposes. Do not use expired tires. They are likely to burst, especially when running in hot weather because the rubber component may have hardened and cracked.

Julius Abanshebe Akpong TMIOSH, MISPON, is a Member of the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria has published books like, Simplified Chemistry for Senior Secondary 1, The path to Greatness, Reaching the Apex, Atmospheric heavy metals deposition and dispersion in Akpabuyo LGA of Cross River State. He is the publisher of the SuperPsychic Achiever, several HSE articles and bulletins for corporate bodies, international journals and newspapers like Business Insight and is yet to publish his first HSE book; HAZID companion.

Power Transmission equipments out of service in Nigeria

At least 48 critical pieces of transmission equipment are currently out of service across the country due to fault, fire incidents and vandalism, thus worsening the already precarious power supply situation nationwide.
Information obtained from the National Control Centre, Osogbo, Osun State, revealed that nine transformers, 39 critical transmission lines, ground switches and breakers/isolators were currently unavailable.
The pieces of equipment, according to the Transmission Company of Nigeria, are responsible for massive transmission handling.
For instance, the 162MVA 330/132/33kV transformer at the Ajaokuta Transmission Station is out due to unavailable secondary lightning arrester, while the 90MVA 330/132/33kV transformer at the Brinin Kebbi Transmission Station is also said to be out due to yellow and blue phases’ bushing problem.
Similarly, a 150MVA 330/132/33kV transformer at the Ikeja West Transmission Station located in Ayobo area of Lagos State was razed on May 14, 2013 and it has yet to be replaced.
The TCN had said then that the fire was caused by some defects in the transformers, but eight months after the incident, the transformer has yet to be replaced.
Also, the 45MVA 132/33/11kV and 40MVA 132/33kV transformers at the Akoka Transmission Station are down due to a fire outbreak that affected the blue and yellow-phase CVT and the lightning arrester.
While the 40MVA 132/33kV transformer at the Ado Ekiti Transmission Station lost its  primary breaker to pole discordance, the National Control Centre, Osogbo, said two 15 MVA 132/11kV transformers at the Onitsha Transmission Station lost their primary breakers to explosion on January 23, 2014.
Another 60MVA 132/33kV transformer at the Onitsha Transmission Station was said to have been isolated due to oil leakage on the same day.
According to the NCC, five transmission lines were unavailable as of Sunday, January 26, 2014.  They include the Afam/Alaoji 132kV line 1 in the Port Harcourt region, which was said to have been vandalized; and the Omoku-Port Harcourt main 132kV line, which is out as a result of a collapsed tower.
The other non-functional transmission lines, which are located in the Lagos region, include the 132kV Akangba/Itire line 1, which is affected by a faulty line isolator at the Akangba Transmission Station; the 132kV Ikeja West-Ilupeju line 2, which is out due to a cut red phase conductor; and the 330kV Egbin/Aja line 4.
Thirty other transmission lines are currently out due to missing sky wires. The NCC records showed that the Omotosho/Ikeja West line, Egbin/Ikeja West  line 3; Ikeja West/Olorunsogo line; 330kV Ikeja West/Osogbo line; Ikeja West/Alimosho/Ogba 132kV lines 1 and 2; and the Ikeja West/Akangba 330kV line 2 are all out due to missing sky wire.
Others are the Ikeja West 132kV Ilupeju lines 1 and 2; Akangba/Itire 132kV lines 1 and 2; Ikeja West/Agbara 132kV lines 1 and 2; Ikeja West/Otta 132kV lines 1 and 2; Ogba/Otta 132kV line; and Ikeja West/Otta 132kV lines 1 and 2.
The NCC said the 330kV Osogbo lines 1 and 2 and the Ganmo line under the purview of the Jebba Transmission Station; as well as the 132kV Bida line at the Minna Transmission Station; 132kV Keffi line under the Apo Transmission Station; and the 330kV Jebba line 2 under the Shiroro Transmission Station, were all vandalised.
Nine other lines are unavailable due to faulty breakers and isolators, and the lines, according to the NCC, are located in the Port Harcourt, Lagos, Shiroro and Benin regions.
Some of them were said to have been vandalized.
At least, three ground switches are also said to be unavailable due to defects.
Stable power supply has remained a challenge in the country because of very poor infrastructure base and the transmission aspect of the entire value chain is considered to be the most troubled.
The TCN is the only Power Holding Company of Nigeria. The successor company is still owned by the Federal Government, but it is considered as the weakest link in the country’s electricity network.

Shakira and Rihanna – Can’t Remember to Forget You – Official Video

Here it is! The official video of Shakira and Rihanna “Can’t Remember to Forget You”!
So hot OMG.
see more pictures:

Pope Francis covers Rolling Stone magazine February issue

The Pope features on the front page of the rock and roll magazine's new issue - with an accompanying article titled 'The times they are a-changin''.  He's the first pontiff to grace the cover of Rolling Stone. Dressed in white robes, he can be seen smiling at the camera while waving his right hand.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A CALL FOR HELP:Redeemed Pastor Dying Of Kidney Disease - Abandoned By Church

A Redeemed Christian Church of God Member worried about his Pastor would like to make this case known to the general public
I am compelled to bring the case of this Ikere son to this forum for urgent assistance.  He is at the End Game of Kidney disease according to his doctors at Federal Medical Centre Ido where he is currently HELPLESS. He is a Zonal Pastor at Redeemed in Cross Rivers and I am told the Church is not doing anything to help him. This man may die IF you don't assist. Please it is a serious case.


Dear MTN,
I write this letter with so much pain.
On January 1st 2012, GEJ Government took Nigerians by surprise on New year's day with the fuel subsidy wahala.
January 1st 2013, we all celebrated the new year expecting a similar surprise before the end of the day but alas, nothing happened.
January 4th 2014, I offered a recharge card vendor a 200 naira note in exchange for 200 naira worth of MTN airtime but she returned the money to me saying I'll need to balance her extra N20 naira.

Beautiful Adenike who looks like Michelle Obama

This beautiful Nigerian girl named Adenike was featured on popular American talk show, 'Wendy Williams show' as the look alike of America's first lady, Michelle Obama.

NUCLEAR FAMILY: Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose and Sebastin

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa took their 11-month-old boy on a family outing to a popular hiking spot in Hollywood on Tuesday, to show him where they had their very first date together.

Each of the proud parents were quick to upload an Instagram snap from the day, showcasing their happy family of three in a loving embrace
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Video: I'm in love - Harrysong

Use to love this song back in the days.

Still has same effect now...

KC's Manager - We're dropping Nicki Minaj because plan leaked....

KCee’s manager, Soso Sobrekon says, its true they have been talking to American rapper Nicki Minaj about featuring her on a track, but since the media has leaked it now, they are planning to get a bigger artiste.

Here is what he told Thenetng about it all;

We are in the USA trying to get some collaboration done. It is true we are in the process of doing a song with Nicki Minaj, and that news was leaked by an agent to the media.We actually wanted it to be a surprise for the fans, but since it’s out there now; we plan on taking it bigger’.

‘We want to seal another artist from YMCMB that is bigger than Nicki Minaj. She’s already sealed to be on the track, but now that everyone knows, we’re still going to surprise the fans by getting another person from YMCB.

Don Jazzy reveals the meaning of Jay Z real name.

This guy sure knows how to have fun on social media.
I had a good laugh this morning.

And you?

Queen Elizabeth Down to her last million

Reports from E-online have it that the Queen of England is down to her last $1.6m in reserves after royal overspending. She was once the richest woman in the world (in the 80s) and in 2010 Forbes mag estimated her net worth at around $450 million and now she's broke?
Activating Damage control mode by the Royal Family….. See after the cut:


The guy Kanye West beat up in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills chiropractor hit the jackpot ... scoring a settlement of MORE THAN $250,000 according to TMZ.

The young man who allegedly hurled racial epithets at Kim earlier this month has agreed to the civil settlement and now feels satisfied enough that he does NOT want to go forward with a criminal prosecution. Law enforcement sources also revealed that the D.A. has not decided whether to charge Kanye with battery. The reality is there's almost no chance of that happening.  First, the D.A. now has an uncooperative victim.  Second, the victim's alleged racial epithets will not sit well with the jury.  And there are probably lots of Kanye fans in the jury pool. We're told during the settlement negotiations the victim's demand soared to the upper 6 figures, so $250K is just a fraction. And as such, it is CASE CLOSED.

Gulder Ultimate search winner opens Restaurant, Lounge and Sports bar

Kunle Rhemmy was the ultimate man at the Gulder ultimate search 7. He has then gone on to become a model and an actor starring in several movies and strutting his stuff within an outside Nigeria. He is currently in the lounge and restaurant business with Xtreme lounge at No 2 Oguntona crescent Gbagada phase one by Charly boy Bustop. The lounge and restaurant has a Vip Lounge and a sports viewing area, with international chefs and an array of exotic drinks Xtreme lounge also caters indoor and for outdoor events . The cosy serene lounge and restaurant will be opened on the Friday the 31st of January with several celebrities making guest appearances and performances. With free Drinks from Disaronno and …………………. Come see for yourself.

AFROCANDY: I almost made love to Dbanj

AfroCandy today tweeted about how she almost made love to D’banj in her dreams and regretted she woke up before the main thing.
She tweeted about it and some of her fans hailed her, while some said D’banj is already taken.
That word almost got her angry and she replied one of them by saying, 'Nobody own's the anaconda yet'....
This Lady is really something.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fashola inaugurates Ejigbo link bridges and dedicates them to bomb victims of Jan 27.

Gov. Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State on Monday inaugurated two link bridges in Ejigbo, which he dedicated to victims of the Jan. 27 2002 Ikeja Military Cantonment bomb explosions.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the two bridges, linking Ajao Estate and Ejigbo, were named January 27 Bridges by the governor to honour the victims.

Police Storm Abuja Pro-Amaechi Rally Led By Dino Melaye, Protesters Slump, Faint

The Executive Secretary of Anti-Corruption Network and former member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Dino Melaye
They were protesting against what they described as "impunity in Rivers State and abuse of office by the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Joseph Mbu."

Thieves steal Pope John Paul's relic from Italy church

Thieves broke into a small church in the mountains east of Rome over the weekend and stole a reliquary with the blood of the late Pope John Paul II, a custodian said on Monday.
Dozens of police with sniffer dogs scoured the remote area for clues to what the Italian Catholic magazine Famiglia Cristiana called "a sacrilegious theft that was probably commissioned by someone".


The longest and tallest female shoe in Africa was on displayed recently at Ikeja City Mall courtesy of Snapp. Snapp produced by Guinness is the refreshing premium ladies drink that mixes fashion and style together in a unique way. Aside from the 3 days fashion show, the shoe which is over 10 feet tall pulled a crowd as most visitors to the mall could not resist snapping pictures beside it and staring at it in admiration at it. The shoe comes in a high heel form and in Snapp gold colour. 
see more pictures after the cut:

Source: AllStars Magazine

Crazically fit Duo late night chats exposed.

What did you expect other than an exchange between ‘crazically’ fit people?
Tonto Dikeh put up a ‘munched’ image of an BlackBerry chat exchange between herself and the Free Madness artiste and producer, Terry G, on Instagram with the latter wondering what Tonto was doing up so late at night.
“Poko wat ar u still doing up dis late won’t u go to bed cause e Don pass ur bed time :p ,” he wrote.
Read Tonto Dikeh’s reply below : Crazyyyyyy

Tonto posted this on her Instagram page with a call to her followers to rally round her whenever it goes down on the streets with Terry G.

She said, “Terry g cracking me up lol palz hop u gat ma back if he beat me me o :) #poko”


Brain Damaged Governor, Danbaba Suntai who failed to recognize the Governor's mansion mistaking it for an airport and also had a meeting with President Jonathan which did not end well has confirmed that he's not fit to return to work as governor of Taraba state.


just stumbled on this and thot to share.
what will you do in this situation?

BLEACHED WHITE: Thelma O'kaz now white

This is Nollywood actress Thelma O'Kaz.

Fair or White?
Your Thoughts please.


Phil Collins has revealed that he has started writing new music with Adele. “She contacted me to write together,” he said. “I wasn’t actually too aware [of her]; I live in a cave. But she’s achieved an incredible amount, and I really love her voice, and I love some of the stuff that she’s done.”
Collins didn’t specify whether these new songs are for Adele’s third album (aka the follow-up to 2011′s juggernaut 21).

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West to Marry In June

Kim Kardashian plans to become Mrs. Kanye West in June 2014, according to a new report, and we can’t wait to see it unfold in front of our eyes. Plus, baby North West will be almost a year old, so hopefully, she’ll be part of the big day!
 “Kim has always wanted to be a June bride and she is finally going to get her wish,” a source told Radar Online. “Kim and Kanye have narrowed down the wedding location, which is being kept a secret at this point. It will be on the outskirts of Paris.”

Betty Adewole is the New Face of Tom Ford Beauty’s Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign

21 year old Nigerian-British model Betty Adewole is the new face of Tom Ford Beauty in its Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaign.
Replacing Polish model Zuzanna Bijoch, Betty has become one of the few African faces to watch out for in the modelling world. The campaign features a limited edition colour collection from the brand, which has 8 new sheer lip colours and four new nail lacquer shades that have a theme of shimmer.
The limited collection is scheduled to hit stores in March 2014.

Kim Kardashian's BFF Blac Chyna's butt implants Dislocates

Blac Chyna who is coincidentally Kim Kardashian's bestie and rapper Tyga's baby mama has been the object of discussion for so long cos she's been claiming her ass is the real deal and she's always showing it. 

Early today she was walking when one of the implants shifted and she was spotted running into a doctor's office to have it fixed. It apparently didn't happen and she was photographed walking out and trying to cover it with her sweater but the cameras captured it.

Chyna appears to be a client of the same board certified plastic surgeon who performed Kim's lumpy butt implant surgery, no wonder they are besties....

Monday, January 27, 2014


I stumbled on this Hilarious rumour or lets say gist and thought to share.  What if she's really pregnant? You'll enjoy the analysis below trust me...
Kim Kardashian is pregnant with baby No. 2, sources close to the reality star have said.

Kcee Pays Nicki Minaj N68 Million To Feature In His New Song!!!

Nigeria’s rave of the moment Afro pop singer Limpopo Master himself Kcee, is teaming up with American Rap Queen Nicki Minaj, according to sources.
Currently now Nigerian pop singer Kcee and his label colleague Harry song aka Mr Songz are in USA, for the 56th Edition of the Grammy Awards which will be held on Sunday January 26th, 2014.
According to sources Nigerian singer Kcee, is set to release another hot new single featuring Nicki Minaj, while his main purpose of attending the prestigious event is to finalize the collaboration with her.
It was said that Kcee, paid a whooping prize of 400,000 dollars (68 million naira) to have Nicki on the song.

Funny picture

True or False?

Kelly Rowland to Host & Perform at Darey Art-Alade’s “Love Like a Movie” Concert Season 2

Its been confirmed that Kelly Rowland will take over as host form Kim Kardashian at Darey’s “Love Like a Movie” concert Season II. The event tagged “The Love Roller Coaster!” is scheduled to take place on Saturday 15th February 2014 at the Ocean View Grounds, Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The former Destiny’s Child artiste will electrify the stage alongside her world famous dancers.

PDP insists Mu’azu is not under EFCC investigation

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) says its new National Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu, is not being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
Mr Olisa Metuh, the party’s National Publicity Secretary of the party, made the position known in a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday.

Peter Okoye visits God - Daughter Eliana

Dancer Kaffy and hubby Papii J's new baby, Eliana, received a lot of gifts from the singer and his wife, Lola.
Peter Okoye is also Baby Eliana's Godfather.

FUNMI IYANDA at the Afropolitan Vibes

The ageless beautiful media guru was at this month’s Afropolitan Vibes which was hosted By Ade Bantu and took place on the 24th of January, 2014 in Lagos.  I bet she had so much fun.
See more pictures after the cut;

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