Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Interesting: Kola Boof names the 20 celebrity men with the biggest stick!

I'm sure by now y'all know who Kola Boof is. Over the weekend the award winning novelist made a video listing the biggest penises in Hollywood as complied by herself & a group of 90s black women socialites called the Alpharetta Secret Sister Society who slept their through Hollywood's elite.

The most surprising thing about the list is not who's on it but the ladies who supposedly complied it..

In the video Kola says the women in the secret society were about 200 and name drops Tyra Banks, Vivica. A. Fox and Pebbles Reid. Wow, Ms Boof! Tyra Banks? See the list after the cut..

1. Arsenio Hall
2. Actor John Amos
3. Actor James Woods
4. Deceased actor John Ritter
5. Tie. NBA baller Rick Fox
6. Vin Diesel
7.  Michael Jordan
8.  Actor Jon-Erik Hexum
9.  Jerry Seinfeld
10. Kwesi Mfume
11. Tao Pengiless
13. Deceased actor Ron O'Neal
14. Marc Anthony
15.  Keith Sweat
16.  John Salley
17.  50 Cent
18.  Mekhi Phifer
19.  Patrick Rafter
20. Raphael Saadiq

see video here

Source: Linda Ikeji oh


jessica said...

did she do all these men to know??????

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha,

janice said...

i love big sticks tooo

Anonymous said...

kola shud rest her case and stop seeking attention. so wat if they hv big sticks?

F**K Boy said...

me loving dis babe

Anonymous said...

as slim as Marc Anthony is ........................
i rest my case

KC said...

Anonymous, itz not by body size oh.

Anonymous said...


MONICA said...

the size does not matter

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