Wednesday, January 29, 2014

AFROCANDY: I almost made love to Dbanj

AfroCandy today tweeted about how she almost made love to D’banj in her dreams and regretted she woke up before the main thing.
She tweeted about it and some of her fans hailed her, while some said D’banj is already taken.
That word almost got her angry and she replied one of them by saying, 'Nobody own's the anaconda yet'....
This Lady is really something.


rita supergurl said...

obviously in ur dreams.
silly old woman

maria said...

shame is obviously far from this woman

dickson said...

Hmmmm nice dream she will say. Buh after having eja nla wat nxt?

mike said...

No be madness b dis one so? Putting up such irritating and frevolous tin on twittwer.

nike said...

Only in ur widest dream. Psheeeeew!

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