Thursday, January 16, 2014

WHO IS TO BLAME?........................A true life story

Roy and Sharon are originally from Nigeria, both of them currently reside in the United States. They have been dating for more than two years and have a very beautiful relationship. Finally, they decided to take this beautiful relationship a step further by getting married despite their age difference. Roy is 40, whileSharon is 22 years.

The couple who strongly believe in their tradition, decided to inform their relatives back home in Nigeria and make all the necessary preparation for their traditional marriage. Sharon also sent her fiancee's (Roy) photo back home to her mum, who got the shock of her life because she recognized the person in the picture as her former lover.

To be truly sure there were no mistakes on her part, she did some more investigations and found out that the guy (in the photo) who bears another name while in Nigeria was indeed her childhood lover. He had impregnated her when they were both youths, but abandoned her and moved on never to be heard of again until now.

So how did it happen that father and daughter has been dating and sleeping with each other for more than two years without even realizing it?

Well back in Nigeria, Sharon grew up with her step father who happens to be the only father she knew, having never met her biological father before or know much about him. Also, Sharon was a name she picked up in the United States because back home in Nigeria, she was known by her traditional name though she still bears the surname of her stepfather. Same thing with Roy, who did not only change his first name in the United States, but also his last name because back in Nigeria, he bears different names. Roy who loved Sharon deeply never kept anything from her, so she knew that as a youth, he fathered a child who might be her age mate.

As sad and troubling as this incident might be, it should also serve as a very big lesson to Men who impregnates women and abandon them.

Questions to ponder upon:
1. What is going to happen to these two love birds who have suddenly been saddled with the unthinkable and unimaginable?

2. What if Sharon is already pregnant for Roy?

3. Who should be blamed for this Taboo?

 Source: Stella  


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