Tuesday, January 21, 2014

INTERESTING: Prostitutes Demand Pensions And Sick Leave From Brothel Owners

Goodmorning Peeps, i've got this intersting hilarious piece to start your day. Do have a blissful day at work.
The vice girls have formed a new union and have registered to pay taxes and join the state social security in an uprising over fundamental rights.
They have registered to pay taxes and join the state social security system - the Sunday People understands

And they are calling for days off when they or their children are ill and the right to join a pension scheme.
Union leader Maria Jose Lopez said: “We want ­fundamental rights like other women with jobs.”
Local judge Gloria Poyatos, a supporter, said: “They are penalised.”
“They work at a job they don’t like which they are forced to do for various reasons and, further more, have no rights like any other woman worker.” 


rita supergurl said...

i'm laughing and rolling on the floor.
Can u just imagine

damian said...

before nko?
they also need rights.

Anonymous said...

They are demanding for their legal right since people can employ them. They should be paid by the employer. Wonders will never cease to happen here on earth.

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