Tuesday, December 17, 2013

South Africa unveils Giant Mandela Statue In Pretoria

A day after the burial of the Legendary Anti – apartheid fighter, Nelson Mandela, South Africa has unveiled a gigantic statue of the Icon  to cheers and singing at the Union Buildings in its capital.

The mood was joyous Monday in Pretoria as a military band played and fighter jets flew overhead to honor Mandela after 10 days of mourning over his death ended Sunday with his burial.
President Jacob Zuma presided over the unveiling, which preceded a party in celebration of the Day of Reconciliation, a national holiday.

 see more photos of the statue below:

Wow, what a huge statue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back view of the Statue


jessica said...

......brings tears to my eyes.

James O said...

Winnie, he's a real legend.

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