Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Senator Yerima divorces 17year old Egyptian wife and marries another 15yr old Egyptian

Three years after marrying a 14 year old Egyptian girl named Marian, which was widely protested in Nigeria, former Zamfara state governor and serving senator of the federal republic of Nigeria, Sen. Ahmed Yerima, has reportedly divorced her to marry a new wife, City People reports. According to the magazine, Yerima and four men, said to be members of the Zamfara State House of Assembly were in Egypt a few weeks ago for the wedding Fathia of a new bride said to be 15 years old. 
Marian who is now 17 and a mother of one, is believed to be the daughter of the former governor's driver whenever he visits Egypt. The reason he divorced her is to enable him take a new wife as he's not allowed more than four wives. The new wife is also Egyptian.

The Senator is alleged to have married and divorced a few women in the last few years but has never changed his first three wives, only the fourth ones.

Sen. Ahmed Yerima this year was strongly against the deletion of the section of the 1999 constitution which pegged the official marriage age in Nigeria as 18 years, saying it was anti-Islam.


jessica said...

the man is a phedophile ohhhhhhh.
he needs a cure.

Anonymous said...

he's a psycho. mtsheeew for him

James O said...

this one needs to be castrated.

Anonymous said...

human rights activists would not rise up to this sick man now. but when it comes to govt issues where they know they will be settled u'll hear their voices.
this country is sick......

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