Monday, December 16, 2013


Only last week, one of my colleagues was returning home after closing late from site and he decided to use the ATM to withdraw some cash, but he was attacked by armed men who made away with his money and some of his  personal effects. Are there lessons to learn from this? How can we arrive safely every day?
In this week's edition, we shall be looking at arriving safely, especially during odd hours.

Be aware of your personal safety when out and about:
§  Be alert, walk confidently and keep to well-lit and populated areas.
§  Walk against the flow of traffic and, if possible, walk with another person.
§  Let someone know where you are going and the time you expect to reach your destination.
§  Carry a mobile phone and keep it safely with you.
§  If you feel unsafe, head for a well-populated area.
§  Be wary if someone in a car stops and asks for directions – keep a safe distance from the car.
§  Be aware of your increased vulnerability when wearing personal headphones.
§  Do not use ATM or expose any cash or attractive items like laptops, ipads, iphones, etc.during odd hours.

When at the bus stop;
§  Stand in well-lit areas near other people.

§  Hold your belongings very close to yourself
§  Be careful not to allow people come too close to you, and when they do, stay alert.
§  When using a taxi:
§  As much as possible, use pre-arranged cabs especially during odd hours.
§  Sit behind the driver.
§  Give clear directions as to where you want to go and if you are not on the agreed route, terminate the trip.
§  Consider sending the taxi number to a friend via SMS.

When Driving or being driven:
Follow all company safe driving rules
·        Keep the vehicle always in a good shape so that it will not suddenly breakdown
·        Do not stop at odd locations
·        If you suspect that you are being followed, drive into a police station or into a busy location and park.
·        Do not drive on onion bulbs on the road or turn on the wiper and water if there is a broken egg on the windscreen, these are tricks by the robbers to stop you.
·        Discover other routes; do not enter the house by the same route every day.
·        Do not get home at a fixed time every day.
·        Be aware of the security risks around your home
·        Do not park vehicles at risky locations; by the roadside or close to generators.


Julius Abanshebe Akpong TMIOSH, MISPON, is a Member of the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria has published books like, Simplified Chemistry for Senior Secondary 1, The path to Greatness, Reaching the Apex, Atmospheric heavy metals deposition and dispersion in Akpabuyo LGA of Cross River State. He is the publisher of the SuperPsychic Achiever, several HSE articles and bulletins for corporate bodies, international journals and newspapers like Business Insight and is yet to publish his first HSE book; HAZID companion.


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