Monday, April 15, 2013

Thomas Vonn tweaks Tiger Woods on twitter

Lindsey and Tiger Woods

We brought to you previously gists of Lindsey Vonn choosing Tiger woods over Kris (SEE GIST HERE). Today, its a face-off between Thomas Vonn (Lindsey's ex hubby) and Tiger Woods on twitter. 
In a Masters that just keeps getting stranger, it's a former Olympic skier, of all things, who's now your clubhouse leader in the battle for weirdest moment of the weekend.

Lindsey and Thomas Vonn

On Saturday, news broke that a television viewer had called in a violation on Tiger Woods for play on Friday; a subsequent investigation penalized Woods two strokes. And then, late Saturday evening, the following tweet showed up.
That there is Thomas Vonn, former Olympic skier and ex-husband of Lindsey Vonn. You know, the Lindsey Vonn who's now Tiger's girlfriend. The same Tiger who, as you may have heard, admitted to cheating on his wife of many years.
Yeah. This is, well ... kind of awkward. But still funny. Nice job of making us both laugh and cringe, sir. (Oh, and thanks for the link, too.)
Now all we need is a comment from Tiger's ex Elin Nordegren about "going downhill" and Masters Sunday will fully transform into a tension-filled, ready-to-explode family Thanksgiving. Enjoy, everybody!


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