Tuesday, March 12, 2013

OFILI: If You Don’t Like My Idea…Then Create Your Own Freaking Idea!

Pardon my English on this sketch, but it was drawn from a place of anger and annoyance!
You spend your time and energy working on an idea…it could be as simple as an article or a social movement that you hope will make life better for someone. You spend sleepless nights researching and fine-tuning your idea. Finally it is ready, you publicize it to the world. Some people love the idea, some people criticize the idea constructively…but then some lazy ass bloke with a computer and internet connection starts blabbing about how terrible your idea is or how whack it is and then proceeds to write an essay on why your idea is doomed to fail or why the world would end when your idea is implemented.

They spend so much time shooting down other peoples ideas…sometimes I just want to yell IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY FREAKING IDEAS CREATE YOUR OWN FREAKING IDEAS!
But they won’t cause they are IDEA ASSASSINS they just love to shoot and kill ideas and they can’t create an original idea even if you paid them to. Ironically if they spent as much time assassinating ideas as they did thinking…the world could be a better place. Not because of the ideas they would generate, but the silence that would emanate from their thinking so that others with good ideas can continue without the fear of their idea being assassinated!


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