Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kanye West denies rumours surrounding his next album to be titled "I AM GOD"

Kanye West certainly has a way with titles and names, or at least with attracting rumors about them.
Last week West and his girlfriend, reality TV actress and amateur porn star Kim Kardashian, made headlines over a tabloid report that stated West wants to name their forthcoming child “North” (get it?). Now, a separate claim made by The Sun has now gained traction in more respectable media outlets.

The claim is that West is preparing to name his next album I Am God. BBC News reported the rumor again this week, repeating the claim that the name is “half tongue-in-cheek.” Now, E! News is debunking the blasphemous rumor with an anonymous source of its own. The entertainment news outlet states that an unnamed source claims the rumor “is not true.”
As for the baby name claim, that might not be so true either. During an Extra interview this week Kardashian deftly side-stepped the rumor, stating that around half of the couple’s chosen names don’t begin with a ‘k’ and that they “still have time” to decide on a name. She did say, though, that West “wants something that’s unique.”


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