Saturday, March 16, 2013

Darey Denies Paying Kim Kardashian $500,000

Those who peddled the rumour claimed that Kardashian only appeared on the stage for 45 minutes and then, disappeared into the thin air.

But reacting to the rumour for the first time, the multiple award-winning R&B singer said,  such a thing never happened. “It was all rumour, but I  enjoyed while it lasted,” he told Showtime during the week.
However, declining to comment more on the matter, Darey said, he would have loved a situation where the rumour continues endlessly.
Kim Kardashian came under heavy attack by most fun loving Nigerians for her guest appearance at the show. Kim reportedly appeared only for 45 seconds to speak to the cheering crowd before ‘vanishing’. Shortly after arriving her base, the 32-year-old actress  tweeted: “Just landed back home! 20 hours of flying. No big deal.”
Since it was a rumour, then clear the air Darey, how much did she earn and how long did she stay?


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