Sunday, February 17, 2013


Be mindful how you go spraying on other people's perfumes. What works for one may not work for all.

I don't have a bad B.O. And so I don't spend good money on perfumes. I have always been cool with roll-on and deodorant sprays, Nivea range has always been my choice: effective and pocket-friendly Nivea, Good For Me. But I got hooked-in by Pure Black™ Eau De Toilette Pour Homo.
It actually smelt like OMO™ but I like the clean fresh scent on My Cousin, and he's one handsome dude. The Ladies die daily for him.

All dressed up to KilI-Em-Dead on St. Valentine's Day, I sneaked into my cousin's room and helped meself to a ample amount of the content of the small black vial. I smelt nice. I felt good, and ready to woo and court, until one chic asked me if I rear goats. That question got me thinking I probably smelt like goat to others. My mood was dampened as a result. I became cautious how close I got to people for the rest of the day. While going home at eventide, one corporate-looking bro, with whom I rode in a bus, asked me discreetly (wrinking his nose) if I
have pissed in my pants. I Shook my head, and asked him, back, discreetly, whether I smelt that bad, all he said was "damnn!" shaking
his head.

That was it for me. I know it was that perfume I borrowed. It was made for Men, but certainly not for All Men. We have different natural musks, and we smell differently. Perfumes and Toilet Waters  may enhance or destroy our natural scent. I need not tell you this, that I went a hunting on St. Valentine's day and came home empty-handed. My wrong body scent was my undoing. Scents are crucial in the primordial game of courting the opposite sex.

Different scent works for different occasion. The next time I want to disperse a crowd of females, I will borrow my cousin's perfume. It is a nice perfume, but for me it works as an offensive weapon, better than a skunk's fart.


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