Monday, February 18, 2013

OKIRI C.: My Valentine Date

The first time I visited The Ikeja shopping Mall was 3 days to Valentine.  I was meeting Millicent, beautiful Millicent. She had elected that we hung out at the Candy Shop where we spent 2 inspiring hours. I liked the place: Perfect for romance. In fact, the entire Ikeja Mall accommodates all the best stores, boutiques, And cafe's in Lagos. There is Shoprite where you can buy anything that money can buy; There is Essenza- the leading perfume stockist in Nigeria, Glendora, if you love books and don't mind spending your pocket change on good books, and many, many more outfits that inspires the good life. But the most striking one that made me come back was Candy Shop.

The heart-warming and love-inspiring red valentine season's decoration of the store, was lost on Millicent and I, for it wasn't exactly a date. So while leaving the Ikeja Mall, that day, I made the mental note to bring my val to the Candy Shop on St Valentine's Day, If for nothing, but for a sampling of those great exotic cakes, and Aromatic coffee (I lookout for coffee on the menu of such places, and I always find them) so I did come back to the Candy Shop on Valentine's day with Ada in tow. Ada my Email Female: I have been toasting her online for a while till we decided to hook up on St Valentine's Day.

We had snooped around the entire mall, virtually visiting all the stores and sampling the nice things stocked in them, except for the books, and medicine stores which Ada seemed to have certain phobia and aversion for.  Next to The Palms in Lekki, The Ikeja Shopping Mall is a great lovers' and spenders' hangout.  The number of young-and-bold, wild-and-free lovers that visited the Ikeja Mall on Valentine's Day is remarkable.

We finally anchored at the candy shop. I literarilly gave myself a pat on the back for discovering the Candy Shop.  Love is the very oxygen you breathe in the place. I was also
pleased that Ada was pleased. I didn't spare the purse to spoil her, I really spoiled her, pouring out the content of my thinly-lined wallet. I got Ada stuffed on sweet things, and wasn't really expecting a recompense for my hearty gesture, it was enough that Ada accepted to be my Val Date.

I am of the school of thought that St Valentine Day is all about Love, not about sex. Really? Yes! not about sex, we have every other day of our lives to have sex. Really, what will it take out of us to give back that one day in February to Love unconditionally? We can still
have erotic love-sharing without going all the way. Well, this is a very porous philosophy, since its premises are faulty, and I cannot even defend the belief. The rule of thumb is: "practice what you preach". I ruled out the possibility of sex with Ada. Kissing and
cuddling would suffice for the day, so I thought. And I thought wrong.
It was stupid.


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