Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Michelle Obama Wears Same Target Dress on 3 different occasions

Michelle Obama wore the same Target dress in Hawaii on January 5 (left) and back on December 22 (right)
Michelle Obama is a style icon not merely because she looks great in designer clothes. We love the first lady because she recycles her great outfits like any regular woman would, and because she often wears clothing regular women can afford from retailers like the Gap and H&M. Obama memorably re-wore a gorgeous red brocade Michael Kors shift dress on election night in November of 2012 that she had worn publicly several times before. If it ain't broke, right?
Recently we were delighted to see one of Obama's inexpensive standbys getting a lot of use. She wore the same arrow-printed dress from Target's exclusive Merona brand twice on vacation in Hawaii. We spotted her wearing the pink and black sleeveless dress on December 22 deplaning Air Force One in Honolulu and again on January 5 as she boarded the plane to return to Washington D.C.. If the FLOTUS is cool with wearing the same dress twice on vacation, we are definitely going to start packing light. There's no need to cram loads of wardrobe options into an overstuffed suitcase when you can look this good over and over again in the same dress.

On her trip to Hawaii before the holidays, Obama wore her Target Merona dress with a cool black belt that mirrored the geometric pattern of the dress. For her return trip back home on January 5, she complemented the dress with a cropped short-sleeve black cardigan, pearl stud earrings, and what look to be
 rhinestone-studded FitFlop sandals (comfort first!). We couldn't help but notice and adore Obama's playful yellow pedicure.
Michelle Obama wore the Target Merona dress to Arizona in 2009
Also, it's clear the first lady has a favorite travel outfit. She wore the same Merona dress aboard Air Force One at least once before on August 15, 2009 on a trip to Arizona. On that occasion she accessorized the dress with a much-loved studded belt by Japanese designer Sacai. And Obama wore the exact same ensemble, belt and all, again on July 21, 2011 to the national "Joining Forces" initiative in Virginia Beach. There Obama visited classrooms and spoke at the on-base theater for a screening of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2." Her affordable frock sure is getting some mileage!

The first lady with a student in Virginia Beach in 2011
Michelle Obama's Merona dress is long sold-out, but the brand's current dress collection is available at Target from $17 to $39.99.


Anonymous said...

It's a cute dress and looks good on her. It's such a pleasure to have a first lady who really has "style".

Anonymous said...

well ,just because the dress looks the same does not mean it"s the same dress I have several black skirts that are the same and wear them all the time with different tops

Anonymous said...

I think the first Lady is pretty cool if you ask me.

mam1891 said...

I have made quilts. If you look closely the green pattern looks like leaves and the beige chevrons look like flowers with beige lines connecting the flowers. Geometrically this dress is cute and fresh as a daisy. south.colloq.

Anonymous said...

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