Friday, November 23, 2012

Worst Dressed at the American Music Awards 2012

At last night's American Music Awards in Los Angeles, the biggest names in music came together to celebrate the industry's finest. Despite the glitz and glamour of the night, there were several fashion fails spotted on the red carpet. Here are the five worst offenders this year.

Granted, it's been a rough week for The Biebs with rumors about a split from Selena Gomez circulating the world and filling every tabloid newspaper. However, Justin took smart/casual a bit too far in the direction of casual. His trademark over-sized pants looked a little out of place at such a prestigious event, and in fact, all of his clothes looked a couple sizes too big and hung off his small frame. However, his mom Patti Mallette, looked radiant!

While this new, 'embrace your figure' Christina is refreshing, her taste still needs some work. Her dress was actually not so bad. The color and cut were both flattering, but it all went wrong from the neck up. The blonde bob framing her face, complete with rigidly straight bangs just didn't suit her. Add in the excessive tan, and the singer looked much older than her years.

Let's be honest. It's unlikely we'll ever see Nicki dressed in something plain and understated. As her style choices go, this was actually one of the tamer ones. However, the enormous bright yellow dress looked awkward on her. Minaj is more suited to shorter, less extravagant gowns, and her hair mop of hair could have used a little taming as it slightly swallowed her face.

Not everything about Panettiere's outfit was a disaster; the accessories were cute. Even the dress wasn't a disaster. It all went wrong at the shoes. With her tiny feet, Hayden looked like a little kid wearing her mom's high heels! If she'd exchanged the chunky shoes for strappy sandals, her look would have been much improved, and more flattering.

What was she thinking?

Well, we know all girls just wanna have fun, especially with their clothes, but Lauper may have gotten a little carried away. With the large tartan sleeve and sash taking over most of the outfit, it's hard to tell whether she wore a dress, a jacket and skirt, or just a jacket! The stripy tights were a cute addition, but sadly, they were the only thing to like about this ensemble.


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